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3 Popular Luxury Bathroom Theme Inspirations

Shapiro & Sher | 07-01-2015

If you compare a luxury home to a castle, the bathroom would be deemed as the throne. Most of us consider…

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4 Aspects that Complete a Luxury Kitchen

Shapiro & Sher | 06-02-2015

Luxury homes are given a price tag because of their extraordinary features. One of these features is…

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What Makes This Luxury Mansion at The Ridges Worth $17.5M?

Shapiro & Sher | 05-19-2015

This luxury mansion is located at the highest point of Summerlin, The Ridges.  It is part of Clark…

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8 Extraordinary Luxury Home Inclusions that will Set You in Awe

Shapiro & Sher | 05-13-2015

Having different high class amenities isn’t enough for some people.  Are you a person who…

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5 Reasons to Rethink Modern Homes

Shapiro & Sher | 04-30-2015

The concept of modern architecture started in the early 20th century at the time when Bauhaus was established.…

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3 Most Expensive Luxury Homes in Las Vegas by Shapiro & Sher Group

Shapiro & Sher | 01-28-2015

There are plenty of luxury homes in Las Vegas, where a grandiose lifestyle is very much practiced. Shapiro…

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