It has been about one year since a historic new flight route was added from local McCarran International Airport. Satisfy your travel bug and head off to Beijing, China – a mix of old world tradition and modern luxury. 

Every great trip begins with a list of the best foods in the region – enjoy Peking duck and multiple-course meals of fish, meat, vegetables and traditional hot pots. Typical “Chinese food” according to Americans is their version of fast food in China!  

While the list of ways to fill your time on this unparalleled trip is endless, there are several sights that are a must-see during your stay. From touring the Forbidden City, to traveling along the Great Wall and discovering the history at Tiananmen Square, immerse yourself in Chinese culture and step back thousands of years into a different world. 

No vacation is complete without some shopping time. Purchase traditional Beijing water pearls, and learn more about the incredible products that China exports, including jade and silk. 

It is now easier than ever to embark on this new adventure. Hainan Airlines conducts their direct flights three times per week. Start in Las Vegas and end up on the other side of the world – it is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience that is hard to pass up!