4 Aspects that Complete a Luxury Kitchen
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4 Aspects that Complete a Luxury Kitchen

May 11, 2016 03:06 AM

Luxury homes are given a price tag because of their extraordinary features. One of these features is their high-class kitchens. In general, luxury kitchens are made up of elegant cabinetries, top-of-the-line appliances, premium quality materials, innovative technologies, and sophisticated kitchen essentials.  (Source: HGTV)  Here are the 4 main aspects that complete a luxury kitchen.

1.   Design

Some homebuyers want a fully furnished luxury kitchen, while the others prefer to design their own kitchens to meet certain luxury standards. (Source: Kitchen Design Ideas)

Every luxury kitchen has unique elements. We’ve listed some of the most common designs of a luxury kitchen to help you decide which design type is perfect for your personality and preferences. (Source: Houzz)

  • Classic

    Classic Kitchen
Classic luxury kitchens are simple, fresh and timeless.  They usually have light/neutral color palettes and simple details.
  • Traditional

Traditional Design
Traditional luxury kitchens are known for having detailed features.  They contain the formal and elegant look of the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries. (Source: Kitchens)  The decor in traditional luxury kitchens is usually minimal since the kitchens themselves are so detailed.
  • Transitional

Transitional Design
Transitional luxury kitchens promote balance and harmony. They are somewhere between traditional and modern, and bond the gap between the two different designs by combining an element of each design while creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. (Source: St. Charles of New York)
  • Modern/Contemporary

Modern Design

Most people think that modern and contemporary kitchen designs are the same.  However, both kitchen designs have their own distinct features.  Modern kitchens tend to have minimal decorations while contemporary kitchens often use different, layered materials with various textures and patterns.  (Source: Houzz)

2.   Cabinetry

Cabinets clearly play a significant role in the kitchen.  You store all the essentials, from cookware to supplies, in the cabinets. Since cabinetry occupies the largest part of the kitchen, its design greatly contributes to the overall appearance of a luxury kitchen space. (Source: Huffington Post)

The cabinetry should match the design and style of a luxury kitchen. Here are the four categories of cabinetry based on the design of a luxury kitchen:
  • Classic

?Classic Cabinetry
Classic kitchen cabinets tend to have white or cream color and shaker doors with bead moldings.  
  • Traditional

Traditional Cabinetry

Traditional kitchen cabinets usually have frames, raised-panel doors and glazed finishes that provide a vintage look.
  • Transitional

Transitional Cabinetry

Transitional kitchen cabinets exhibit simple paneled doors and sleek hardware.
  • Modern & Contemporary

Modern Cabinetry

Modern kitchen cabinets are usually frameless with flat-panel doors, while contemporary kitchen cabinets are based on the latest kitchen trends and styles.

3.   Appliances

Luxury kitchen appliances are known for their perfectly engineered professional-grade electronics, as well as their cutting-edge design and technology.  The manufacturers of kitchen appliances concentrate on functionality, performance, user-friendly control panel, and design. (Source: Kitchen Design Ideas)  These are the factors that most homeowners consider in buying luxury kitchen appliances.

Here are some of the high-end brands of luxury kitchen appliances:

  • Viking


Viking supplies high quality appliances that are ideal for luxury kitchens.  They offer a full range of kitchen appliances with a well-defined look. (Source: US Appliance – Viking)
  • Gaggenau


Gaggenau is considered as the world's leading brand of high-performance (restaurant-grade) cooking technology for modern homes.  Aside from cooktops (gas, electric and induction), ovens, modular refrigeration and freezer columns, they also have specialty appliances like grills, deep fryers and steamers. (Source: Just Luxe)
  • Thermador


Thermador is also one of the top brands of cooking technology for over 70 years now.  They combine classic design and advanced technology performance to meet the requirements of the most demanding food enthusiasts. (Source: The House Designers)
  • Sub-Zero/Wolf

Sub-zero / Wolf

For over six decades, Sub-Zero has provided technologically-advanced solutions to meet the need for home refrigeration.  Wolf, the benchmark of professional cooking equipment for restaurants and hotels, has joined forces with Sub-Zero’s  stellar reputation for luxury appliances.  (Source: Just Luxe)

4.   Materials

The materials used for countertops, islands and the flooring also contribute to the overall appeal of a luxury kitchen.  (Source: Kitchens)  Some of the materials used for these parts include:
  • Stainless steel

Stainless Steel
  • Granite

  • Marble

  • Quartz

  • Glass

  • Tile

  • Solid Surface (Corian)

Solid Surface
Aside from these aspects, the cookware set and tools should also have excellent quality and sophisticated design. This way, they will be able to blend with the overall style of the luxury kitchen.
Whatever your preference may be, all you need is the perfect blend of design and materials to accomplish the true character of a luxury kitchen in a remarkable way.  (Source: Home Stratosphere)

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