5 Reasons to Rethink Modern Homes
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5 Reasons to Rethink Modern Homes

May 17, 2016 09:48 AM

The concept of modern architecture started in the early 20th century at the time when Bauhaus was established. Bauhaus is an art school in Germany that became the basis of modernist architecture.  They incorporated unconventional elements in building a residential home.  (Source: Met Museum)

Modern homes are designed to break free from the usual or traditional home design.  (Source: Houzz) However, there are 5 factors about modern homes that may make people hesitant to consider them.


1.    Modern homes have limited design.   

Whether it is architectural or interior design, modern homes typically achieve one thing – simplicity.  A modern home is free from inessential elements that are usually found in a traditional home.  (Source:  Distinct Build)  If you look at modern homes, you will notice that they usually have flat roofing, similar to that of a commercial building.  Limited design does not mean lack of design. There are actually plenty of exterior and interior designs for modern home, it is just that they settle for less patterns and decorations.

The Up Side:

               Simplicity is the main concept of modern architecture.  Hence, the phrase “less is more” should always be practiced.  Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, one of the pioneers on modern architecture, applied the “less is more” principle in his designs.  And although modern homes are simpler, they usually standout because they are neat and classy.  This sets them apart from typical homes.


2.    Modern homes do not have enough furniture.

The interior of modern homes is usually associated with minimalism.  (Source: Modern Homes of Las Vegas) This means that the use of furniture is also limited in modern homes.  But limited furniture does not imply that a certain home does not have enough furniture for the homeowners.  It’s just that in minimalist design, furniture you can live without  (i.e. end tables and curio) are removed from the picture.

The Up Side:

                When there is less furniture, the entire room looks more spacious.  A room or home with less furniture is also easy to clean and maintain.


3.    Modern homes are expensive.     

The fact that modern homes are totally different from traditional homes could make anyone conclude that it is harder to build, hence, it is more expensive.  Although modern homes have simpler design, they are harder to pull off.  Since modern home architects and designers are considered highly skilled professionals, they charge more to their clients.

The materials used for modern homes are usually the same as the materials used for traditional homes (i.e. hardwood, metal, tempered glass, etc.).  What makes them different is how these materials are used and their quantity.  Modern homes typically use sustainable materials which could also be more expensive than regular homes.  Other building aspects that are quite pricey include insulation, weatherproofing, air ceiling, etc.


The Up Side:

                If you invest in an experienced architect (which is more expensive), you can be assured of the quality of your modern home.  You can also be sure that your modern home design would stand out from the rest.  As for the building materials used for modern homes, the more expensive they are the more you can be sure with the quality of the building.


4.   Modern homes are not as homey.    

This is often assumed because modern homes usually have spacious interiors and have a lot of edges.  But many people are not aware that modern homes are spacious because of their minimalist nature.  Although the spacious element of modern homes is relaxing, some people think that it doesn’t provide that warm and welcoming feel of a home.  You may be surprised.

The Up Side:

                Design-wise, the mood of a room can be enhanced by lighting. (Source: Modern Homes of Las Vegas) An open floor plan is also common for modern homes.  This enables any person from one side of the home to see other people from the other side of the home.  This feature is perfect for families because parents will be able to look after their children even if they are in the kitchen and their kids are in the living room.  And since modern homes use often have glass walls and doors, parents can also look after their kids while they are playing in the backyard or outdoor pool.


5.    Modern homes have privacy issues.   

Modern architectural design usually have problems with privacy. (Housing and Dwelling: Perspectives on Modern Domestic Architecture, 2007)  It could be due to the extensive use of glass. Although it is not really a problem for guard-gated communities (especially for luxury homes with modern architectural design), there’s still a possibility that the privacy of homeowners will be compromised, either by a neighbor or anyone that can access the community.

The Up Side:

                There are several privacy features that can be used for modern homes without disregarding the glass element.  Aside from curtains or drapes that can obstruct the view and block the light from coming in, you can also use tinted glass feature.  It’s a privacy glass tint that only works one way.  You can see from inside clearly but it will be very difficult for people to see from the outside.

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