7 Spring Electrical Safety Tips on Luxury Homes
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7 Spring Electrical Safety Tips on Luxury Homes

May 23, 2016 08:54 AM

Warm weather during spring is the best time for numerous outdoors activities. At work or at play, it is essential to maintain electrical safety in luxury homes. These 7 Spring Electrical Safety Tips on Luxury Homes can help homeowners prevent many hazardous circumstances, especially when they are outdoors:

1. Beware of any nearby overhead power lines before you climb a ladder or extend the handle of the pool-cleaning tool.

2. Always keep materials, tools and all parts of your body at least 15 feet away from any overhead power lines. Exercise caution at all times if your job requires you to work near overhead power lines, as well as when you are installing or fixing a satellite dish or antenna or preparing evaporative cooler for summer use.

3. Be mindful for power lines that could be hidden by foliage before you trim limbs and shrubs.

4.  Check power tools and electric lawn mowers regularly for frayed power cords, damaged plugs and weathered or broken housings. Don’t attempt amateur repair for any damaged equipments. Use a dedicated insulated extension cord for outdoor use with the proper power rating for that equipment.

5. Avoid placing electrical cords and appliances on wet areas of luxury homes such as sinks, pools, bathtubs or overhead vents that may drip. Remember this also when using electric-powered mowers or other lawn equipment.

6. Avoid activities like flying kites or model air planes near power lines.

7. From low-voltage to high voltage electric lines or cords, you must treat all power lines with caution and respect. They can be hazardous if damaged or inadequately handled.

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