Condominium Vs. House & Lot
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Condominium Vs. House & Lot

October 12, 2014 08:39 PM

Are you having a tough time deciding between buying a house or a condominium unit?  Both of them have their own advantages which is why it may be difficult for you to decide. Choosing which one is better primarily depends on your budget and your taste for style.  If budget is not an issue for you, then you can choose whichever you want; because the first question that comes to mind when buying a luxury property is, ‘Do I have the budget to afford such a luxurious property?’

Knowing the difference between a house and a condominium unit will help you decide which one would be better to choose. These are things you should consider before you make your decision:

Difference between a Condominium and a House


Location - When it comes to location, condominiums are commonly located near shopping malls, churches, market places, restaurants, schools and transportation terminals. This is one of the benefits of living in a condominium. It won’t be hard for you to go to different places because they are usually located at the hub of the locality.
Amenities – One of the good things when living in a condominium are the different kinds of amenities available under one roof.  Some condominium properties have their own gym, pools, playground, and function rooms that can be used by condominium owners.
Security and Maintenance – If you are going to compare the security of a house and a condominium, condos are more secured.  Why?  Houses can be private and secure but, it still depends on the location and the people living around you unlike condo units that have a 24-hour security wherein only home owners and known visitors can enter the place. You won’t have to worry about safety because a condo is surrounded by security guards.  And, another thing, there is also on-call maintenance handled by the condominium staff -- when an unexpected minor problem occurs at your residence, the staff is there to help you with the repairs immediately.
Cost – Condominiums are typically more affordable as compared to houses.  Condominiums tend to be chosen by people who are first-time buyers or those who want to down-size to a more manageable residence.


Privacy – Compared to condominiums, living in a house will give you a complete privacy as your residence is completely separate from your neighbor.  
Control of the property – The big advantage in owning a house is that you have the freedom to remodel or make changes whenever you want to.
Indoor and Outdoor space – Houses have an extra indoor and outdoor space that families, children and pets can utilize whenever they want. This also includes more storage spaces, an attic, and/or a basement.
Ownership – House and lot ownership offers more freedom in terms of your area.  There is no common ownership of the land.  Once the house is fully paid, it is considered yours and no one can remove you from your property without due process and good cause.  Another good thing is that the ownership of the house and lot can be passed to your children or grandchildren in the future. 

If you are planning to buy a house and lot or a condominium, there are lots of options in luxury homes Las Vegas. You can check here if you want to know more.

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