Luxury Homes Smart and Affordable Storage Solutions
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Luxury Homes Smart and Affordable Storage Solutions

May 23, 2016 08:55 AM

Are you living in a luxury home that doesn’t have an adequate storage space? Do you want to eliminate the clutter in your home? If yes, then choose for smart and affordable storage solutions that can make your home more organized, which will allow the household run more smoothly. Here are the smart and affordable solutions to maximize the storage space available in Luxury Homes:

Explore those drawers, cupboards and bulging closets. Gather all the old and unwanted stuff that have been occupying a whole of your storage space in your luxury home and get rid of all those clutter. Consider recycling the tossed out items or donate them to the local shelter. By doing so, you will ensure that all the storage areas are only occupied by useful stuff.

Evaluate your personal organizational needs. Begin with storage areas such as attic, utility closet, garage or an empty space beneath the stairwell. Lightweight storage containers are often a smart choice for those areas. Opt for stackable type with lids to maximize storage potential.  Label each container clearly and stack them for you to identify the contents of each easily.

Choose furniture with storage areas. A small shelf in a bed frame can be a nice storage option for small pieces of clothing like undergarments, socks and kids toys. You can also use also ottomans with storage area underneath them rather than heavy, bulky chairs.

Extra wired shelving can be a great addition to containers for bedroom closets. Using this can allow you to hang more clothing, add shoe racks or hanging shoe bags, and it gives you the option of storing sweaters or clothing on some shelves as well as stacking huge containers, boxes or suitcases high above your hanging clothes. Fold and store the unused clothing in large suitcases if you only have room to display one season of clothing at a time.

Use small recycle containers to store food, spices, or even toiletries in your kitchen and bathrooms. Make the best use of under-sink areas in the rooms to maximize the storage space.

Use some sort of filing system for paperwork in areas that can get messy fast. If you do a lot of work from your luxury home, you can purchase a small filing units which can hide underneath the desk or larger units. You can also purchase stackable trays for your desk to keep your bills and mail in order.


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