Luxury Homes in Las Vegas: To Buy The Old Or The New?
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Luxury Homes in Las Vegas: To Buy The Old Or The New?

May 23, 2016 08:28 AM

While searching for the perfect luxury home, one will surely encounter both the old and new. Making an educated decision is vital, as this new house will be the potential place where families will be raised and milestones achieved. Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of buying either an old or new luxury residence can only benefit the buyer.

Newly-built luxury homes will generally boast of modern structural designs and technological conveniences. Electrical systems, heating mechanisms and fireplaces are designed with energy efficiency and general safety in mind. Newer homes also come with a builder’s warranty, and may often be found in newly-developed location which makes the value appreciation greater. There is also less wear and tear, which makes it a good investment property.

On the other hand, newer Las Vegas luxury residences are usually constructed by low bid subcontractors, making it possible for faulty conditions to arise as time goes on. Although these houses come with builders’ warranties, it is possible that there will be a slight discussion and investigation before the repairs will be done, in case that a problem arises.

When considering to buy older luxury homes in the Las Vegas area, it is an obvious advantage that these houses have vintage designs, landscaping and stability. On the contrary, there is also greater wear and tear and the designs might be too old-fashioned for some.

These older homes also have lower energy efficiency features and in our current economic climate, it is definitely a disadvantage. The heating equipment is not as safe as the more recent designs. The interiors, especially the walls, ceilings and windows may also be substandard and harder to maintain.

Choosing your new luxury home depends on your needs and personal preferences. However, this is an investment that will benefit from making an informed decision before you part with that hard-earned money. Be it old or new, as long as it fits with how you live your life every day, then you know that you have the right decision.


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