Las Vegas Real Estate News: How to Avoid Foreclosure
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Las Vegas Real Estate News: How to Avoid Foreclosure

May 11, 2016 05:19 AM

According to there is a Las Vegas real estate news in which foreclosure filings throughout the country were increased by four percent, with 338,836 new filings, distressing one in every 381 homeowners. So, if you don’t want your Las Vegas luxury real estate  to be lined up with one of affected properties, here are a few ways to avoid foreclosure:

1. Be aware of your situation.

Always open your mail and answer phone calls from your lender. Don’t let a foreclosure come on your way. Know the warnings. These may include major life changes like loss of job, disease, the death of a spouse, divorce and sudden rises in your mortgage payment. If you’re having difficulty paying other monthly bills, don’t ignore your situation. Prioritize your expenses so that you can control your missed payments.

2. Take time to set up a budget and limit any unnecessary expenses until you’re in a more secured financial condition.

Sell any assets if you have. The money may be better use in helping you out save your Las Vegas real estate property.

3. Don’t hesitate to call your lender to ask what options are available.

Remember that lender have several programs that could assist you stay in your home. Foreclosure don’t only devastate your credit score, they affect a lender’s bottom line as well.

4. Present proof of your monthly income and budget on hand when you talk to your lender.

Be honest when you are telling them your situation why you can’t make your payments. Here are a few options you may discuss with your lender:


Reinstatement – The lender can permit you to pay missed payments in one lump sum and by a certain period of time.
Forbearance – This is a temporary reduction or cessation of the mortgage payment.
New Repayment Plan
Loan Modification – This is a permanent alteration to a few terms of the existing mortgage

5. Be cautious of the scammer.

Your lender should assist and guide you for free. If someone asks for a fee during the process, possibilities are it is a scam.

6. The Making Home Affordable Program is also available for those who are having trouble in making their payments.

This program offers options to modify or refinance the mortgage to deduct the monthly payments. Additionally, it includes the Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives Program for owners of luxury real estate properties in Las Vegas who are considering a short sale or deed-in-lieu of foreclosure.

Contact your lender as soon as possible. Working out an arrangement with your lender is not only a one day process only. In these tough situations, it is important to be focused and not to become very emotional.

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