Reduce Allergens in your Las Vegas Luxury Home Bedroom
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Reduce Allergens in your Las Vegas Luxury Home Bedroom

May 23, 2016 08:39 AM

Over the last several years, millions of Americans have experiencing sleep-related problems due to allergies. Although most irritants can be found outdoors, there are also allergens inside your Las Vegas luxury home bedroom that can cause insomnia or difficulty in breathing during the night. Here are useful tips on how to reduce allergens in your luxury home bedroom:

Opt for mattresses which contain natural materials such as natural latex or foams made of plant-based sources.

Although natural or synthetic pillows will naturally resist dust mites, it should be replaced every two years. Freeze them overnight to the kill dust mites.

Use a cotton mattress pad to keep your mattress healthy. You should look for organic cotton or natural fiber sheets, specifically those made with sustainable practices that may also help with chemical sensitivities and allergies.

Some air purifiers may diffuse ozone, a pollutant that can provoke allergies, back into the air. Consider houseplants to naturally clean the air rather than air purifiers. Choose plants like spider plants or ivy that thrive on neglect, and boost their natural metabolizing properties with a plant purifier.

Paint your Las Vegas luxury home with zero volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions. Among other symptoms, the U.S. EPA said that VOCs may cause irritations of the nose and throat, headaches and allergic skin reactions.

Use room sprays made from essential oils instead of using fragrant sheet sprays, air fresheners and candles.

You can buy old furniture at a flea market or yard sale to go green; however, mattresses are one item that should not be reused. Buying a new mattress made from natural materials for your Las Vegas luxury home bedroom is a healthy and environmentally responsible choice.


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