Sellers and Buyers of Luxury Homes in Las Vegas
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Sellers and Buyers of Luxury Homes in Las Vegas

May 11, 2016 05:45 AM

When it comes to buying or selling luxury properties in Las Vegas, tension and anxiety unavoidably become part of the experience. We all want a successful negotiation, but most of the time, what sellers and buyers of luxury homes really intend is that we want all of our personal terms maintained.

To have what you want, without all the problem and tension, it’s most effective to know a few basic rules of negotiation. This will guarantee that you not only go through the procedure without a severe headache, but that you can wear off the boxing gloves, move out of the ring, and really get excited about what’s to happen.

The truth is no negotiation will run positively if both parties are arguing and not listening to each other’s point of views. A sense of trust is important during the negotiation. The other party must see that you have both companies’ best concerns in mind. Ask questions, listen and send out a sense of readiness to put the other party at ease.

The moment you begin addressing the buying/selling process like a game is the moment you will start to experience the aggressive character of both parties come up. The first phase of conversation commonly concentrates on the buying and selling of the property, the second phase then centers on the necessary amount of money to finish the transaction. After a third phase, things can get rough. As buyers, it is our nature to place our guard up to negotiations and end up having a kind of fear and irritation about the entire procedure.  The fourth and fifth phase only provides more emotional pain because a lot of times this is where the dealing turns personal, and one or both parties is searching for the win no matter what the cost.

Put all things into writing. If you have documents like a comparative market analysis that give your position validity, have them available and ready. Likewise, as you should validate your position in writing, you should also put your offer in writing.

Instead of pushing and pushing for the other party to make concessions so that their needs are satisfied, have a prepared concession organize to better finance your projects to get something reciprocally. By giving the other party the choice of coming up with something on their own, it will reduce any pressure that might be stimulated by an excess of requirements by both parties.

Focus on the prize. By focusing on the main goal, the buying or selling of luxury homes, any other hindrance will be cast away. You should not allow little things disappoint you. If you spend good energy, without doubt, you will get it in return.

Finally, don’t assume things as much. Have a realistic mindset on the process and not get took away by a “too good to be true” offer or a sale that acquired no time at all. Don’t think that the process is over just because you’ve captured the ideal offer or have had a very quick sale. A Las Vegas real estate property isn’t sold until there are attorney’s approvals, approved inspections, a mortgage commitment, and a lot of other terms that must be satisfied. Generally, these are non-issues, but occasionally problems may come up and it is wise to be ready for whatever might block your way.

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